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Quirky Science Papers: Hall of Fame

I really enjoy the provocative & quirky papers/articles. Especially those that challenge or attempt to understand the process of science and the methodology of the Scientist. These papers are often posted to my office wall and the door. For those who don’t come to visit me I thought I might expand this practice to my virtual office door. Papers are not in chronological order as I often tend to find out about old gems well after publication. I’ll tweet this link again when I have made some significant updates to the page. Feel free to make suggestions; I’ve ensured all the links to the publications will be fruitful.


*NEWEST* As of 20 Oct, 2014

Retracted Science and the Retraction Index (2011) Infection & Immunity [pub]   “…the ‘retraction index’ shows the frequency of retraction varies among journals … correlates with the journal impact factor.”

Specialized Science (2014) Infection and Immunity [pub]  “…the specialist knows more and more about less and less and finally knows everything about nothing.”

Diseased Science (2014) Microbe [pub] “…unrecognized medial conditions … unique or overrepresented among scientists”

Its all about the SPIN (2009) Infection and Immunity [pub]  …“It is clear that without the distinction between the important and the unimportant at our disposal, mankind could neither adequately understand, successfully teach, or effectively practice science.”

Reductionist and Holistic Science (2011) Infection and Immunity [pub]  “Reductionism is one of those things, like sin, that is only mentioned by people who are against it.”

PeerJ responds to request from US Federal Government on challenge of reproducibility in science PeerJ [web]

Funding grant proposals for scientific research: retrospective analysis of scores by members of grant review panel (2011) Graves, NG, Barnet, AG, Clarke, P. BMJ 343:d4797 [pub]

How to Get Your Paper Rejected (2004) BMJ 329:1469 [pub]

Ten Simple Rules for Building and Maintaining a Scientific Reputation (2011) Bourne, PE, Barbou, V PLoS Computation Biology 7(6)e1002108 [pub]

15 Sept, 2014

Is Biblioleaks Inevitable? Dunn, AG (2014) J. Med Internet Research 16(4): e112 [pub]

Ten Simple Rules for Better Figures Rougier NP, Droettboom M, Bourne PE (2014)  PLoS Comput Biol 10(9): e1003833. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003833 [pub]

The Kardashian Index: A Measure of Discrepant Social Media Profile for Scientists Hall. N. (2014) Genome Biology 15:424 [pub]

A Letter From the Frustrated Author of a Journal Paper Glass, RL (2000) J Systems Software 54:1 [pub]

Self-Citation by Researchers: Narcissism or an Inevitable Outcome of a Cohesive and Sustained Research Program? Cooke, SJ, Donaldson, MR (2014) Ideas in Ecology and Evolution 7(1)1-2 [pub]

Detecting h-index Manipulation Through Self-Citation Analysis. Bartneck, C, Kokkelmans, S. (2011) Scientometrics 87:85-98 [pub]

How to Choose a Good Scientific Problem. Alon, U. (2009). Molecular Cell 35:1-3 [pub]

Can a Collapse of Global Civilization be Avoided. Ehrlich, PR, Ehrlich, AH (2013). Proc. R. Soc.B 280, 20122845 [pub]

Science on the Move: The big picture of global migration shows that scientists usually follow the research money — but culture can skew this pattern. van Noorden, R. (2012). Nature 326(490) [pub]

When to Quit Your Job. Miller, B. (2012). The Chronicle of Higher Education [blog]

Non-Alphanumeric Characters in Titles of Scientific Publications: An Analysis of Their Occurrence and Correlation with Citation Impact. Butler, R.K., van Raan, AFJ. (2011) J. Informetrics 5:608-617 [pub]

How to Write Consistently Boring Scientific Literature. Sand-Jensen, Kaj (2007). Oikos 116:723-727 [pub]

How People in Science See Each Other. created by @biomatushiq [pic]

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