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It was probably said better before…

20 August, 2014

It has been the better part of a year since I’ve considered creating a blog, but I’ve been troubled by several fundamental questions for which I’ve only just come to some reasonable conclusion.

My first set of issues was that I didn’t know who I wanted to speak to and what I wanted to talk about. Being a research scientist, the temptation is to muse about science–however, I see there is a slippery slope here. If I were to talk ‘shop’ I would envision the reader critiquing my musing as if it was a scientific manuscript and chime in with corrections and clarifications. This would inevitably lead me to want to ‘anti-up’, meaning I would have to spend hours or even days on each post. This not only sounds like a lot of work, but also not very fun.The ‘conclusion’ I’ve come to is to mix it up and see how it goes, i.e., talk at many ‘levels’ (from musings to citations)–and play it by ear. As you can see, I’ve still not completely resolved this issue–as there is ultimately the risk of losing one’s credibility (assuming I have such a luxury) or writing away all my free time (literally).

My second issue, which I have only now just come to terms with, is that virtually everything has already been said before and probably said better. Hence, the name of the blog ‘SaidBetterBefore.’  The choice of blog name is clearly my way of coping with this…truism. If you search long and hard enough on Google, you will likely find that someone has written ‘it’ in an academic paper, book, blog, newspaper article or said it in a movie/documentary/sitcom, before. This reality of ‘it’s been done before’ has troubled my academic life (probably like most), as I continually come up with the next greatest idea only to find that this idea was all the rage back in the early 1970’s. The only solace is in knowing that the boat you missed was–indeed–a good boat! Sigh.

So begins my journey in the blogosphere–I don’t quite know who I’m talking to, nor do I expect my blog to discuss something that hasn’t been said before…but, nevertheless, I hope you might find it an amusing read–a bit like that episode of Friends you’ve seen before, but don’t mind watching again, but this time it’s in German with English subtitles. If you enjoy my contributions, feel free to tell me, as it might just keep me going!!

Thanks for visiting,

Andrew @oxonandrew

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